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11 countries in one minute

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Living with Burmese migrant workers

In May 2008 I travelled to the Thai border town of Mae Sot. The town has long been a haven for both political refugees and migrant workers from Burma, just across the Moei River.

I spent several days with a group of illegal workers, who were living in a makeshift settlement at a construction site. Continue reading

Watching football abroad: Bangkok

Just because you’re travelling it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your weekly afternoon on the terraces — in a series of articles we look at how. First up: Bangkok… Continue reading

The World’s Greatest Festivals: Bun Bang Fai, Thailand

Booze, reckless behaviour and high explosives: a fireworks display, Isaan-style… 

Photo by Santo Chino via Flickr

Around the beginning of the rainy season in Thailand’s bucolic north east, drunken men climb 50-foot scaffolds to prepare rockets – usually consisting of a nine-foot plastic drainpipe stuffed with gunpowder – before lighting the fuse and running for their lives before the crudely constructed missiles surge into the sky, amid frenzied cheers from the assembled spectators.

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Getting off the tourist trail in Bangkok

The tourist mecca of Khaosan Road (photo by Bfick via Flickr)

With its bustling markets and golden temples, the Thai capital promises visitors many exciting cultural highlights.

The thrill of exploration can be tempered slightly, however, when it turns out that several hundred other tourists decided to visit at the same time as you.

Fortunately there are still a number of places to visit which feature little in the guidebooks and where few, if any, other westerners are to be found.  Continue reading