Bethlehem by Bus

The point of this blog is that travelling is more about the journey than the destination; the thrill of relying on your instincts, experiencing the world, engaging with people. A journey is travel for travel’s sake.

I’ve made a few epic journeys during my own relatively modest travelling career. The next, and possibly the most difficult (and which will be chronicled on this blog) will be a lengthy jaunt across South Wales, purely using local bus services. It will start at Cardiff’s Lowther Road and conclude – with Christmas being just round the corner — at the tiny, remote village of Bethlehem, Carmarthenshire.

Find out about Bethlehem’s Christmas traditions here

My own indulgence aside, there is also a pertinent issue involved in this journey: that of the precarious position of rural bus services in Wales, as Walesonline recently reported.

Making this journey will let me experience the daily practicalities of local bus travel in South Wales, from a local’s perspective. I’ll speak to people using the buses, and people waiting at bus stops and stations:

How often do they use the bus? What do they think of the service? Is it reliable? How important is it to them? How important is it to the community? What changes have they seen in the area?

Of course there will be plenty of time to engage with people and hear their stories – in fact, allowing for the inevitable missed connections in a logistical nightmare such as this, probably a lot longer than the five hours and 12 minutes suggested by Traveline Cymru

Lowther Road — Kingsway, Cardiff — Pontypridd — Tylorstown — Aberdare — Heolgerrig — Brecon — Llandovery — Llandeilo — Bethlehem

See a route map below:


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